Permanent Jewelry by AL&EM

Pick a Chain

Classic - $125

Long Link - $175

Curb - $225

Optional Charms

Small Gemstone - $100

Large Gemstone - $150

Custom Stamped Letter - $75


How do I get one?

Book an appointment at one of our pop-ups here

What is it?

Our Permanent Jewelry Program offers you the exciting experience to have a solid 14k gold chain welded onto your wrist. It's the perfect treat yo self, the best BFF bracelet or a stunning memento for life’s big milestones.

Will it tarnish?

No. All our chains and charms are made of solid 14k gold. You deserve the best and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Effortless style. Forever adorned. Rebelliously chic. Dripping in gold 24/7. Tattoo of the jewelry world. No clasp no worries. Never lose your jewelry again.

Does it hurt?

No. Our welding machine produces a tiny spark only through the gold, so its totally safe!

Can I take it off?

Yes. You can easily cut if off if you need to for some reason. Just make sure to keep it so you can bring it back to be welded on again whenever you'r ready.

What's an appointment like?

You'll pick out your desired chain style and we'll determine the right size for the perfect fit. If you're feeling adventurous you can customize your piece with an optional charm. Then we'll weld it onto your wrist for the bracelet of your dreams! 

Can I get a necklace?

Yes, our permanent jewelry is so cute as a necklace! Its a great choice for people who use their hands a lot and worry about damaging a bracelet. Pricing for necklaces is 2x the bracelet pricing.